Black Hat Hacker Forum: Top 10 Most Famous Hackers Of All Time

December 23, 2016

black hat hacker forum Hackers that use their skills for good are classified as whitish hat.

Others, operate without company permission by bending but not breaking laws and in the process have created some really cool stuff.

In this section we profile five almost white hat hackers and the technologies they have developed. It’s aafter reading an article about phone phreaking in Esquire. Woz got his start in hacking making blueish boxes, devices that bypass telephone switching mechanisms to make free long distance calls. It’s an interesting fact that the pair did research on frequencies, thence built and sold blue boxes to their classmates in college. That is interesting right? Wozniak even used a light blue box to call the Pope while pretending to be Henry Kissinger.

black hat hacker forum BernersLee was caught hacking access with a friend and subsequently banned from University computers, while a student at Oxford University.

As BernersLee’s parents were mathematicians who worked on the Manchester Mark1, technological innovation seems to have run in his genes the earliest electronic computers.

Whilst, he built his first computer with a soldering iron, TTL gates, a M6800 processor and an old television. He principally researches computer network architectures including distributed hash tables just like Chord and wireless mesh networks just like Roofnet. Click this link: 100.

For instance, morris is currently working as a tenured professor at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Anyway, aside from work studies he enjoys spending time in watching Anime and DC series. Whose writing focus is revolving around Hacking,Techie Tutorials,SEO,computer security.who considers himself more of a blogger than student. Manjesh shetty is Part time Passionate Tech Blogger.

black hat hacker forum Morris wrote the code for the worm while he was a student at Cornell.

He was sentenced to three years’ probation, 400 community hours service and a fined $ 10500.

He asserts that he intended to use it to see how large the Internet was. Known experts estimate an impact of 6000 machines, So it’s not possible to know what amount computers were affected. Consequently, whenever slowing computers down so that they’ve been no longer usable, the worm, however, replicated itself excessively. Now look. Jobs had the bright idea to sell the computer as a fully assembled rig board. With all that said… Without any help, in the Letters section of, he recalls doing what Ed Roberts and Bill Gates and Paul Allen did and ns more.

Wozniak and Jobs sold the first 100 of the Apple I to a local dealer for $ 666 dot 66 every.

The Steves sold Wozniak’s cherished scientific calculator and Jobs’ VW van for capital and got to work assembling prototypes in Jobs’ garage.

Wozniak dropped out of college and came up with the computer that eventually made him famous. Wozniak designed the hardware and a lot of the software. Day I’m gonna share few Hacking Forums websites. For the most part there’re many different kinds of hacking and every has their own respective collection of websites. Lots of info can be found on the web. Many of us know that there are few hacker forums where we can discuss or ask a question about Hacking, we all know look, there’re many Forum like quora, StackOverflowon the internet. His most prominent article details his work on identifying 744 sex offenders with MySpace profiles. Poulsen has worked as a journalist, since serving time. He is now a senior editor for Wired News.

Basically the Internet abounds with hackers, known as crackers or blackish hats, who work to exploit computer systems.

While others are looking for personal gain, a couple of them do it for fun and curiosity.

In this section we profile five of the most famous and interesting blackish hat hackers. They are the ones you’ve prominent on the news being hauled away for cybercrimes. For his intrusion at The NYC Times, Lamo was ordered to pay approximately $ 65000 in restitution. Notice that he was also sentenced to six home months confinement and two years of probation, that expired January 16, Lamo is currently working as an awardwinning journalist and public speaker. For example, like Apple ‘cofounder’ Steve Wozniak, dabbled in phone phreaking.

Mitnick had some small amount of hacking experience before committing the offenses that made him famous.

He started out exploiting the Los Angeles bus punch card system to get free rides.

Mitnick was ultimately convicted for breaking into the Digital Equipment Corporation’s computer network and stealing software, there were numerous offenses. NASA was forced to shut down its computer systems, ultimately racking up a $ 41000 cost. While stealing software worth approximately $ 7 million, james also cracked into NASA computers. Now pay attention please. While as indicated by the Department of Justice, the software supported the International Space Station’s physical environment, including control of the temperature and humidity within the living space. Contended, The code itself was crappy, james explained that he downloaded the code to supplement his studies on C programming. Instead, he was banned from recreational computer use and was slated to serve a sixmonth sentence under house arrest with probation. Now please pay attention. He served six months in prison for violation of parole. So if James, given the extent of his intrusions, known as c0mrade, had been an adult he likely will have served at least 10 years.

Today, James asserts that he’s learned his lesson and might start a computer security company.

He has had an asteroid named after him and received honorary doctorates from Stockholm University and University of Helsinki.

He was also featured in Time Magazine’s 60 Heroes Years. While coordinating the code that volunteer programmers contribute to the kernel, rvalds serves as the Linux ringleader. Furthermore, he worked as a staff hacker on the Emacs project and others. This is the case. Stallman, who prefers to be called rms, got his start hacking at MIT. Whenever resetting passwords to null strings, sent users messages informing them of the removal of the password system, when a password system was installed, stallman broke it down. Besides, he was a critic of restricted computer access in the lab. I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the TCP and DNS ideas and -‘tada’!

BernersLee recounts how he put them together.

a European nuclear research organization, BernersLee created a hypertext prototype system that helped researchers share and update information easily, while working with CERN.

He later realized that hypertext should be joined with the Internet. That said, world Wide Web. I know that the W3C describes itself as an international consortium where Member organizations, a fulltime staff and the public work gether to develop Web standards. As well as standards from the W3C, bernersLee”s World Wide Web idea is distributed freely without patent or royalties due. ‘Berners Lee’ founded the World Wide Web Consortium at MIT, since his creation of the World Wide Web.

Therefore if you are serious about hacking call yourself grey hat consequently ‘above mentioned’ websites ain’t the right place.To Explore blackhat forum you must ‘DigUp’ in the dark webusing TOR connection.I’m gonna share few blackhatPrivate community for miscreants.

Ultimately, Poulsen was captured in a supermarket and served a sentence of five years.

Poulsen’s most famous hack, ‘KIS FM’, was accomplished by taking over most of the station’s phone lines. When his photo came up on the show Unsolved Mysteries, later ‘1800’ phone lines for the program crashed. His hacking specialty, however, revolved around telephones. Essentially, in a related feat, Poulsen also reactivated old Yellow Page escort telephone numbers for an acquaintance who consequently ran a virtual escort agency. He served five years, about 8 it months in solitary confinement, and is now a computer security consultant, author and speaker. Today, Mitnick is able to move past his role as a grey hat hacker and become a productive member of society. Authorities began to pursue Poulsen after he hacked into a federal investigation database.

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