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Link Building

December 31, 2016
Link Building

Link building is one of the most effective and widely used search engine optimization techniques or a services used by SEO consultants for their clients. The popularity of this technique is such that it has become the single most effective tool to jump up the ranking bandwagon. Link building is a technique for effective search optimization. It is one of the best ways to increase traffic on a website. This technique is worth the money clients pay for.

There are companies who specialize in these kinds of services and drive good amount of traffic to the client’s website. There are different types of link building strategies that different online marketing consultants use to maximize the link popularity of a client’s website. These types are explained below.

Inward / Inbound Link Building:
This is also known as one way link building technique. Through this strategy the link to the client’s website is directed from another website. It is called one way link building because in this technique a website gives an inbound link to a client’s website but no link is directed back to any website from client’s website. Through this strategy, a client’s website gets the direct traffic from the target audience.

Reciprocal Links or Link Exchange:
Through reciprocal link building, two websites agree to show the link of other’s website on their website. This is the two way link building technique where in clients website gets the inbound link and a link is also directed back from a client’s website to another website. Many companies also send the screen shots to the clients in their reports so that it is easier for them to understand as to how a reciprocal link building will work for their website.

Three Way Link Building:
The relevancy of a website through which the traffic is directed to a client’s website for using an effective link building strategy is of utmost importance. In this link building a link is posted to a website which is relevant to the content on the client’s website and the back links are also directed back to a client’s websites. This becomes more effective than a reciprocal link building.

Deep Link Building Services:
This technique is also known as Internal Link Building. The internal pages of a website are as important as the Home page because it contains the internal information about a company and their products in detail. Deep linking helps the client to direct the traffic to the internal pages of their website. There are many SEO consultants who provide good packages for deep link building which vary from 20 deep linking packages to 50 deep linking packages. Clients can choose from these packages as per their budget and need.

PPC as a link building tool:
This technique is fast catching up. This is the Pay Per Click (PPC) as a tool for an effective link building campaign.

The above techniques can be used in combination so as to maximize the popularity of a website.

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