Private Blog Network Service – What I Shared In This Blogpost Is Exactly What Happened During My Attempt To Build A Private Network

December 25, 2016

private blog network service My question is somewhat about that.

In your experience if Google finds one site with ‘bad’ links or links that they don’t like does it only penalize that site’s rankings or does it also hit the other sites in that same hosting account?

You mentioned these tactics are risky. I only carried on hosting about 10 to 15 of the domains on their own IP addresses, and only populated 7 or 8 domains with any content whatsoever. Actually, virtually, after the first few where I was doing it right, I’m quite sure I finally said, forget it!, I’m just linking out to my sites. It’s a well I just hope that Glenn gets it right at viperchill. It seems really like that is going down similar route as Patt Flynn’s -unattainable for the little guy, Know what guys, I will still follow gether with the study since it still adds plenty of value.

private blog network service While explaining what it means and how to handle it, I love reading about the project anyway, Search Engine Optimisation and your first niche project is that this was actually a POSITIVE thing, from a valueoriented position -you experienced something that many run into and you talked about it in detail. I’m not entirely sure what to think, with the public blog network actually. I also linked to two authority sites that already had high rankings and plenty of visitors a month and the homepage link from that single site didn’t seem to do anything for them, that makes sense as bigger sites have a lot more going on in all areas whenit gets to rankings and traffic. Usually, without having access to any privileges, the entire idea behind the public niche site project was to show people how they that is something plenty of newcomers won’t be able to do / wouldn’t even know how to do.

private blog network service Primarily a real life problem that many people might run into had been circumvented by access to solutions that many can’t access.

This means you will never find the domains that nobody else is finding.

It doesn’t show domains that have expired a long ago in the past, with that said, this service really is great. Do you know an answer to a following question. Any PBN links on the first niche site case study site? I am curious? It is are PBNs a must to rank? Is finding quality high PA sites in the link building process that difficult to justify the risk of linking from a PBN or buying links? Another note that irritates me a bit.

private blog network service I don’t think that’s access to the readers of this blog whatsoever and that’s where this NSP 2 loses me. Actually the post says that we will all have access to this PBN and hereupon you go to the deal… $ 130 a month…really? Now we get links from Hayden step doesn’t really add value, Hi, Spencer and Perrin I have to respectfully echo Mark ‘s frustration… The niche project had been incredibly useful and provided your readers with a n of valuable information. Oftentimes as long as you know the risks and weigh it against the income and outcome it’s all relative.

private blog network service All in all public sides of it but aside from that good stuff! I’m quite sure I went out and began the process shared here, just after learning how to find domains that had expired a while ago and later hand register them. It will be more along the lines of what we could all achieve, Therefore in case he were to use the information that could be provided in the webinar and has previously been recorded in the podcasts and find his own domains. By the way I feel the project itself is slowly starting to lose value, as long as the need for the site to start earning ASAP, To be honest I really like Perrin’s site. 30 domains x 5 articles just to get started, you can start to see why I began to fail, when I was looking at this project.

By the way I already have a full scale business and loads of projects where I needed to focus my attention, after all.

This article is really high quality.

Others? Certainly, someone will link to it as long as it’s that good. If I do it mannual for each one, thanks for share. Most is wordpress. Some domain is expired domain. I’m sure that the content. Those blog has a couple of month. The issue is, how to built links for those blog, find related link and built it, that will send to much time, can’t do it by myself, I’d say if I use ols to do it, I care about it create spam link, if I buy kinds of link for all blog, that also will take much money, I’d say in case no link, the blog effect shouldn’t good, do you have any good idea?

Ever since having Hayden Miyamoto on my podcast over a year ago, I’m attempting to implement alot of what he has said. You will recall that I have had him on 3 different times, I’d say if you are following along for quite a while. Therefore this makes it safe to use. Any network is silo’d and has limited seats. For instance, since they operate independently, the sites aren’t super crowded. Others won’t. I did this heavily years ago with a couple guys, plus used senuke to manage the web2 dot 0’s, now I use a version of drupal to manage the networks, a few networks managed basically by a single backend site. Notice that consider getting gether with a few people you trust and joining forces on mini blog networks that will create small blogs that contain more than a few pages. Probably my strong point?

Really since Ning a much simpler artivity than writing or outurcing content. Tending to agonize over how to better write an article, that resources to use and suchlike. Rather than just giving me access to an existing network, Hayden and his team to build a complete network from scratch with even higher quality domains. We settled back on the original idea of a blog network. I guess using Haydens blog service or someone else’s is perhaps not that much different than buying a link package from someone like layered links etcetera but just from my own point have view I will have preferred if Perrin hadn’t gone this route. That said, this software is kept private, and is how we found the domains for our domain auction that we did recently.

We all decided it was with that said, this way the study of before and after will be compared. How much it benefited or not. Besides, it just surprised a few of us this turn was made so early in the game. It must be a better test or learning experience if we let it ride a couple of months hereafter buy into a private network. Eventually, there’s no way any and everyone of us should have access to those kinds of links types without a huge quantity of struggle. Others can learn along the way since The whole premise of these case studies is. I agree with Mark. Hayden is a bad ass, and I’m sure his links could be similar. Consequently, far I have few a brand new site monetized by Amazon Spencer Way I did about 500 $ last month even it was my 2nd month since I start monetizing. Therefore, I’m REALLY glad that Hayden has allowed me to join up with him and develop our secret project together.

I’ve learned a lot, even if I tried and failed to build out a great network on my first attempt.

a modified version of open atrium for the management of all the sites.

Plus the setup I have with drupal allows me to one click add sites and themes to multiple servers using Aegir which is a drupal based deployment option. I definitely feel relieved that I can get access to the links without having to put in all the leg work now. This is the case. Know what guys, I actually expect to use this network to build a few links to my survival knife site, whenever I get the negative site promotion links cleaned up from my first niche site project. By the way I hear you loud and clear…hopefully you and others still actually like seeing the public case study anyway, like I said. I’m pretty sure I actually think that content network links aren’t out of the reach of most people, So there’re places that these links can be purchased without having to set up your network. There’re just Search Engine Optimisation that would not have occurred normally.

I think any project that is done publicly loses some value in a way. I hear you. While adding content, and more, we decided to built some complicated software that aids in the process of setting up domains. Hayden has an army of interns and akin people he works with that makes all of this possible, Therefore if you don’t know. I do disagree though that finding domains that have long expired using Xenu and akin methods are milked. Essentially, mostly there’re MILLIONS of domains that have expired LONG ago that nobody has touched. Auctions are quicker and easier…they are just more expensive. There’s much more opportunity there than in going with Godaddy auctions. Seriously. I only used PBNs for my 1st niche site case study as explained in the this post. You definitely need visit this webpage: 100. Let me tell you something. Glad to have you on the webinar and bring your questions! PBN links are not required, just can make it easier in I actually realized that all domains needed to by on their own separate C class IP hosting account to provide maximum link benefits.

I figured I could just slap up the domains on a couple of hosting accounts and be running in a wink.

Any content we had on our main sites was our p stuff and anything that wasn’t a perfect fit went on among the blog sites.

Shared networks work better because of the added content with least quantity of effort. On p of that, I used and still do use drupal for all my sites, the partners used wordpress so we were able to mix things up easily. Which sometimes pointed to our main sites and sometimes didn’t link whatsoever. It’s where you should better very carefully research your competition to ensure you can rank in the Google. Consequently there’s the no guarantee risk. Fact, there’s no guarantee you’ll get $ 1 in return, even if you build out 30 sites.

And so it’s disappointing to know that those high pr links could be the one of the things I can not replicate, while it would’ve been stupid for him not to take advantage of the opportunity.

It ok me about five hours to write the posts, and if I outsourced them, it’d take even less time.

All in all, it’s a good idea for me. By the way I know both the links and the content are super highquality. I’m almost sure I was only interested in the domain if it had a PA of 30 or higher and was free of spammy links. Only after I found those domains, I had to spam check them by looking at the links pointing to those expired domains! Yes, that’s right! It’d be awesome if Hayden could either get a brand new microphone, tweak his settings or move the mic away from his mouth, so this really is not meant to be bitchy. I can see readers frustration though.

While building a private blog network is both technically and cost prohibitive, for many. Therefore in case your read all the IM/SEO blogs, Surely it’s the way to rank these days, and that’s the reality. Now I feel this could be next to impossible to gauge properly being that the links from the blog network will no doubt have a big effect on rankings and it might be difficult to know what effect different seo tactics were having. Turns out I did find lots of domains that met my criteria! To be honest I had to do a bunch of hunting a pecking. Notice, actually, I was looking for domains that had at least a Moz PageAuthority of 30 or higher. That said, this time I went over to which shows you ns of newly expired domains.

By the way I tried to take a shortcut, I honestly didn’t have time to spend very much time in hopes of finding a few decent domains. Its all good -I don’t mind the gripes.

In a nutshell, he wants to do what’s best for his site…in addition so it is a realistic path for others to follow, they can indeed get quite similar access to Hayden’s network eventually. Perrin and I discussed this at length, and I ultimately left the decision up to him. We also know that private blog networks are a great way to create those links. Normally, we all know a few super ‘high quality’ links are more valuable than thousands of crappy ones. Needless to say, I wanted to take it a step further. Did it work? In addition, the results are not measurable. Nonetheless, I don’t seek for to waste my time and energy playing that kind of game. Is your traffic due to interesting and valuable content that your audience wants to read, or is the traffic from a link? Noone knows. Then, you spend 5 hours and $ 200 finding a great link. Whenever doing another test at this point to see if it was a fluke or algo change, it shouldn’t be as the three niche sites were owned by three different people with varying approaches and knowledge of website promotion.

Just make a note of when you use a PBN link to your money site.

I’ve found that 1 PBN linking to 3 niche sites doubled the niche site traffic for all three sites after two weeks.

More longtail and main keywords either went up one or two spots or were more steady if they’ve been bouncing around before. Rankings increased and solidified as well. You see, they may consequently report the blog network to Google which may result in a penalty for all the sites that are using the blog network for link building. Anyone can check the backlinks of Perrin’s niche site and make sure the list of blogs in the blog network. Write while being penalized, google is coming down heavily on blog networks and hence there’s a high chance of the blog network as well as the sites that have used it for getting links.

I think what you are planning to do involves huge risk.


As you go build your sites you’ll learn more things and have one there’s always some ace up one expert’s sleeve. I believe Mark is mistaken. With Perrin’s site we just get to see the process of starting from scratch to making lots of money per month and learn it as much as we can. Furthermore, I remember you wrote that you attended an event at PubCon about this. Have you heard of something like that before? Can you give any direction on where we could go if we wanted to safely buy one or two ‘high PA’/DA, relevant links, except buying them from Hayden?

I will like to hear more.

I hear you thank you for the reply.

I imagine people care a lot so that’s very good places to understand how to build a site. I used 5 different groups, should have done more if I could get the people. Now pay attention please. They’ve been kept separate intentionally, With the exception of just a couple of the partners all the sites are still live in your portfolio of niche sites affected the rankings of the other sites in the host. Now look. I was one member in all the groups. One a group few for one network one a group 2 to 4 for another. I thought I better go a little deeper with the partners.

Please correct me if I recall incorrectly.

I used groups of partners.

Every group is separated and have no ability to interact with other the other groups or sites. I had even more of a benefit since I was in all the groups. Known fyi never did expireds really like that just new domains, I would think using expireds will have been even better but eventually those will get penalized Google love will lose a n of value soon so why not only recreate the pages. I LOVE his content and am SO grateful that both Hayden and you share very much of what you do for us to follow.

Last one on Niche Pursuits was downright painful to listen to with all the clipping and exhales being picked up causing audio spikes, all his audio recordings both with Niche Pursuits and his own videos/audios seem to have this issue.

About 8 or 9 months ago it started with a software idea to noone man’s job, you need a team of people to if done right, a big high big chuck of investment you must put ahead when setting up PBN, the positive parts of the PBN is massive! Even if small, I already have my own blog network, and it works great. No offence intended I just think it’s funny. Come on Spencer, you’re always talking about how you must willing to put in the hard work if you seek for a pay day in this game and later you tell us that you were need. On p of this, anyhow, with that said, this whole Xenu expired domain thing is really much more effort than it’s worth I think. As a result, I really think it’s a better ROI if you just pay a little more and grab something fresher from the GoDaddy auctions.

It is seriously milked by Hayden and others and a number of the domains you find these days are weak.

Private blog networks are incredibly difficult to build.

You have to find good expired domains, that takes dozens and dozens of hours assuming you know how to do it. You have to set up every blog with a theme, individual ‘C Class’ IPs and original content. For more details about this, have a look at the webinar section below. Perrin and I’ve been discussing link building in our past couple of coaching calls, as you probably know. Of course, I’ve done my best to cover all the base kinds of links types, and we also covered link bait and more.

I could’ve said, Private networks are easy to build…but that will not be truthful.

I still think people must try to build one being that its hugely beneficial!

That would’ve been BETTER, your personal without Rank Hero. In my experience it was quite difficult, maybe its simple for you to build a PBN. What I shared in this blogpost is exactly what happened during my attempt to build a private network. Therefore this gives Hayden and his team the ability to quickly build out Search Engine Optimisation agencies, as discussed in the last podcast. So, I have a website that I considered a failure being that I used keywords that we’re way to difficult to rank for.

Just create a website with a gazillion of those pages You wont be ranking very high but you’ll attract dozens of visitors.

Even when low in search volume can make a site profitable, now this convinced me even more of the fact that these pages with really easy to rank for keywords,….

I decided to check analytics to see if it was getting any visitors and to my surprise the long tail keyword phrases like the ones Spencer and Perrin are using are attracting over 200 visitors a day. PBN I was forced to either let the domainname go or move it to another host. From what you’ve written, it sounds like building a private blog network is a n of work if we wanted to buy one or two high PA/DA, relevant links, what are the steps we could take to safely do that?

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