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Things You Have To Know From Social Media Marketing World #Smmw

January 24, 2017
Things You Have To Know From Social Media Marketing World #Smmw

Build platforms they can contribute to, and invite them in. Being that never before have we seen such potential for creating quality visual content. Glad you loved #SMMW14 Karen -I am hoping to get stuck in to the virtual pass this week now that I have settled back in to Australia after a few weeks away! Speaking was fun but I missed a few sessions and I wished I could’ve been in two places at once when Michael Hyatt was speaking! We answer. Three of my p takeaways.They ask. Great to meet you at #smmwI think your comment about the collision of professional and personal branding is so true -it had been a real shift! Needless to say, thanks for stopping by and hope to catch up with you again soon! Hi Peter! Besides, your primary platform might be your primary focus. Known well, content needs a house in which to reside. And now here is a question. Content is King? That often quoted phrase.

You need to own that house.

Everyone has a story.

Kim Garst using WordSwag to produce a quote from Joel Comm‘s amazing session. With that said, this sums up this final takeaway. Speakers, influencers, bloggers using an ol to create real time content during conference sessions made me think about the shifts we have seen in the last 2 years -before ols like Canva and WordSwag we could not have created such professional looking content easily, in order to see so many marketers. Mostly there’re some great case examplesin this article that I wrote for Social Media Examiner, if you seek for to learn more about how to inspire your fans to create and share content for you. Therefore, in p time at #SMMWKeep up the great posts and look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Awesome Donna!

My favorite is certainly number 7 -‘Everyone is a Mobile Publisher with a Smart Phone in their Pocket’. Notice that a number of meaningful and very useful nuggets in your article. Most helpful tips were from those who shared specific, for me, I’m an analytics junkie, actionable advice for tracking. Thank you, Andy Crestodina! You should take this seriously.

I’m loving quite a few apps you shared at the conference, as you know. Certainly, I’m looking forward to getting my virtual pass so I can listen to all the presentations. Make sure you leave suggestions about it. While tracking down all these visual tweets, nice work. Great detailed wrap Donna -with lot’s of great visuals!

Another important real type estate is email. We do own our email list, andrea Vahl reminded us. This link 100 might be a good solution for you. We don’t own our social media presence. Original content is key! In his keynote, Mike Stelzner’s talked about the power of podcasting depending on his own experience with the Social Media Marketing Podcast and the Social Media Marketing Industry Report This quote, made visual, pretty much says it all. Podcasting is another huge opportunity -it’s coming to cars with Apple CarPlay, Stitcher. The majority of the big car brands have deals with Apple to instal this new system into cars -giving us instant access to everything from Google Maps to Podcasts to Pandora…perhaps providing a real threat to traditional radio and placing a huge opportunity into the hands of everyday businesses. Apple Car Play is will be the biggest shifts we will see to how we consume content. Usually, as per #1 in this post -everyone can be a content creator -even your fans or followers. Empower them -encourage them to create content about your brand. It doesn’t just stop with brands. Of course involve them in your story.

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